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LCD Score Board

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LCD Score Board

│ Introduction │

The Score Board is a score display device for sports, especially suitable for table tennis, badminton and tennis among others. The board displays scores on its LCD monitor, and player and match info can be entered and stored by touch panel. After each rally, scores are delivered and added wirelessly via pushing the score button by either player or judge. The board also gives visual and audio signal on the game such as “Service Change” or “Game out” according to game rules. The tiny score buttons can be used with ease if attached to the side of a ping pong table.
Battery is embedded in the device which significantly enhanced the mobility of the device and eliminated inconveniences associated with power connection.

│ Features │

1) Game score and Set score displayed on 7-inch LCD
2) Player and match information entered and stored via Touch Panel
3) Icons of facial expressions appear for each rally point (e.g. happy face for winning points & sad face for losing points), moving image of fanfare displayed for Game Out
4) Visual and audio signals for Service Change, Deuce and Game Out
5) Portable thanks to embedded battery

│ Application │

Table tennis, Tennis, Badminton, Game

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LCD Score Board

LCD Score Board